LongCo® RS Series

Perfect for Law Enforcement and EMS
The LongCo® RS Series match perfectly the need for police and security (patrols in neighborhood, airport, border control) as well as Emergency Medical Response. The LongCo® RS Model can reach every place, with option of front, rear and all wheel drive.


  • All-Wheel-Drive 3’000W; Maximum Speed: 45km/h
  • Option: only Front-Motor 2'000W or Rear-Wheel-Drive (2x1'500W)
  • Option: Speed 20km/h, 35km/h or 45km/h
  • 2 x14.5Ah Lithium-Batteries (1'500Wh) w. LCD and 1 x 5A Charger
  • Climb Ability: >30% / Range: 40km
  • Weight net: 42 kg
  • Permissible max. laden Mass: 200 kg
  • TFT-Display with RFID-Key (dual Setup)
  • Torsion Spring Axle System with 45° Leaning
  • High End Handlebar with Leather Grips
  • Folding Stem: Long, Height Adjustable
  • Seat system (Option)
  • LED Front Light and LED Rear/Brake Light with License Plate Light
  • LED Turn Signal Light
  • Suspension: Front and Rear with Air-Shock
  • Option for Range Extender Battery; Range Adds 60km (Total 100km), Power Adds 3'000W (Total 6'000W)